Critical Acclaim

The Best Man:

"The good wife here is Alice (the elegant and stately Zoë Yeoman), albeit spurned and estranged, suffering the indignity of her spouse's infidelity, still savvy to the ways of political life and keeping her eye on the gold..."
~Herbert Paine, Broadway World, AZ

"As the potential first ladies, Kandyce Hughes and Zoë Yeoman are studies in contrast, the former a saucy siren, the latter a graceful lace doily, each of them a master class in subtlety."
~Robrt Pela, KJZZ News

"...Yeoman exhibits a demure sense of grace and defined elegance as Alice Russell....a clear, rich and succinct portrayal..."
~Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

Other Acclaim:

" Wit...A tour de force performance, heartbreaking and tragic.... Not a dry eye in the audience at the end....damn, what a performance...."
—Janis Webb, The Webb List

"It's funny, it's touching, and it's often brilliant... Yeoman is wonderful. Her rigid style and ability to switch between controlling and childlike makes Lisa's plight easy to identify with and empathize..."
—Mark S.P. Turvin • (Re: Well)

"Yeoman was perfectly cast as Haley... in this one-woman show, Yeoman bonds with the audience by drawing them into her boudoir with her charming mannerisms, strong stage presence and humorous facial contortions as she chatters away about shoes, men and fine dining. She's a perfect fit for the talkative and warm-hearted character... the script is honest, never sounds staged and it never seems anything less than a pure encounter between two dear friends... Zoë Yeoman shines in her role..."
—Michelle Borgwardt KUDOS, (Re: Bad Dates)

"In thirty years in the professional theater, I have never known anyone whose talent, commitment, and accomplishment exceeded that of Zoë Yeoman. She is a joy to work with, and a revelation to watch, and I'd work with her any time, anywhere."
—Dan Schay • Director/Producer

"Zoë Yeoman is a huge pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a terrific sense of timing. I would recommend her instantly to anyone who needs a strong actress who can make the difference between an indifferent response and deserved success."
—Deloss Brown •Dramaturg/Director/Teacher

"...This provocative play unites two multi-talented and devoted actresses: Zoë Yeoman and Julia Tilley. Their polished performance on opening night stunned audiences and raised the bar for future productions... As the established writer Ruth, actress Zoë Yeoman embodies the great professor who delivers profound advice to her young protégé... This seasoned actress delivers a top-notch performance by shaping Ruth into a believable and likeable character despite her harsh honesty and sarcasm..."
—Michelle Borgwardt • KUDOS (Re: Collected Stories)

"Zoë Yeoman is funny and hip... she smacks of the Big Apple with an authentic accent and mannerisms... Her charismatic presence... brightens the stage."
—Michelle Borgwardt • KUDOS (Re: I Hate Hamlet)

"(In The Flatted Fifth we see)... an arrogantly perfect Zoë Yeoman..."
—Madeleine Shaner • Backstage West

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